Passengers travelling from Kaduna to Abuja on the Nigerian Railway Corporation’s train service on Monday were left stranded, after the train conveying them broke down.

This was confirmed by the Abuja/Kaduna Train Service Station Manager, Paschal Nnorli, who said the train broke down due to mechanical failure.

He explained that NRC had to send another locomotive to go as a rescue facility, noting that the faulty locomotive was being fixed.

“It is true that our first train service this morning broke down in Kaduna but it was due to a mechanical failure that happens to machines generally,” he said.

“However, the important thing is our ability to respond and come to the rescue. We sent a rescue locomotive and as at about 10am I was told that the locomotive had arrived at the location.”

The station manager said the passengers were eventually conveyed by the rescue locomotive and expressed regret for the inconveniences caused by the development.