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University Lecturer Advocates Diversity In Newsroom

ByBasirat Memudu

Feb 27, 2020 #ABU, #Media
Professor Ladi Adamu

A Professor of Broadcasting, Ahmadu Bello University-Zaria, Mrs. Ladi Sandra Adamu says radio remains a powerful medium for celebrating diversity of the human race and a platform for democratic discourse

The Broadcast Professional made this known during an exclusive interview with Radio Nigeria in Kaduna

Professor Ladi Adamu explains that radio, aside from being cheap and accessible to the widest audience in the globe is also a tool for development, mass mobilization, education, literacy, information and entertainment.

She describes Northern Nigeria as an oral society where people listen to radio more than any other medium due to its accessibility, noting that those who listen to radio are more informed than those who watch television and read newspapers.

The Professor of mass communication points out that radio is needed to foster peace and harmony in the country as she emphasizes the need for diversity in the news room and on the airwaves for effective information dissemination and consumption.

According to Mrs. Ladi Adamu, when people of one ethnic background dominate a station, information is usually skewed as their ideologies and point of views will not project the national unity of the country and that may lead to disharmony, using Rwanda as a case study.

She says diversity in the newsroom entails putting together people of different ethnicity and gender in the newsroom for news processing and production with a view to having a balanced, objective and accurate news content in line with global best practices

The Broadcast Professor identifies professionalism, financing, digitization and training as some of the challenges facing the broadcast media particularly the radio, and calls on government to fund training of staff and upgrade systems of radio stations for both states and federal for effective service delivery.

The US and UK trained professor encourages students of mass communication and broadcast journalists to key into the new media as well as critical journalism base on investigation and correct presentations of facts using the internet and the online platform to access, process and disseminate stories with a view to curbing fake news and hate speech for socio economic development of the Nation 


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  1. She is the best lecturer in the department and has done well in the Nigerian broadcast network.
    It is her steps I am following as she was my mother, my mentor and a guardian.
    I’m now a lecturer too and all she taught me reflects always.

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