Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu has called on Nigerians especially the private sector to explore to the maximum, the full benefits of nuclear energy.

Dr. Onu made the call, at the Nigeria Energy Calculator 2050 (NECAL2050) stakeholders engagement, in Abuja.

According to Dr. Onu, the move would help build a stable power supply base and would benefit many socio-economic areas such as medicine, agriculture, education, manufacturing and overall national economic growth.

The Nigeria Energy calculator 2050, is an energy planning model which will offer choices in the energy development to be examined alongside its environmental consequences.

On safety concerns on the use of nuclear energy, the Minister called for the active participation of the organised private sector (OPS), to research and develop nuclear technology for the overall benefit of Nigeria.

The Minister also called for efficient and effective use of energy resources, to guarantee rapid national industrialisation.

In his words, “Nigeria has enormous energy resources, therefore the task facing us is to efficiently and effectively utilise these resources to guarantee rapid industrialisation of the nation”.

The Minister further emphasised that the nation needed a development pathway that could help to achieve sustainable national development, adding that the country’s factories, offices, laboratories, business and homes must have sufficient power to run them.

According to Dr. Onu, “I am optimistic that our dear nation will pursue the right combination of different sources of energy including renewable, fossil fuel as well as nuclear energy”.

Earlier, the Director General of the Energy Commission of Nigeria, Prof. Eli Jidere Bala, said the United Kingdom partnered the commission to develop the Nigeria Energy Calculator 2050 (NECAL2050), which is a key energy planning tool.

He further added, that the Nigeria Energy Calculator 2050 (NECAL2050), will help promote global warming mitigation.