Eid-el-fitr : PMB Congratulates Nigerians, Urges Harmonious Coexistence

News by Bello Wakili

President Muhammadu Buhari sends his best wishes to all Nigerians and Muslims across the globe as they mark the Eid Al Fitr following the completion of a month of fasting.

In a message signed by him, President Buhari said on this blessed occasion, he prayed the Eid festival brings with it peace, safety, security, brotherhood and love amongst all.

He stated that unity and solidarity among all citizens irrespective of religious belief are imperative especially at a time when the country is faced with multiple challenges which are surmountable only when Nigerians come together as one.

The President noted that it is important that Muslims remember how they share, through their faiths, common bonds that should serve to unite Nigerians and not allow themselves to succumb to those who seek to divide them, using the two great religions for their own selfish interests .

He called on Nigerians to jointly pray against the tragic incidents of kidnapping and banditry and the desperate quest for political power expressed through blackmail against the existence of the country as a united entity.

President Buhari urged the political, religious and traditional leaders to encourage citizens to turn towards one another in love and compassion.

According to him, it is noteworthy and delightful to see Christians breaking fast and in some instances, extending goodwill and gifts to Muslim faithfuls during the Ramadan, an act reciprocated by some Muslim groups.

The President urged Nigerians to continue to observe all COVID-19 prevention measures and celebrate responsibly during the holidays.


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