• Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Jam’iyyatut Takaful Aytam Donates Cash To Admitted Patients In Kaduna

A non governmental organization Jam’iyyatu Tukaful Aytam has donated cash worth hundred of thousands naira to the admitted patients of Yusuf Dantsoho Memorial Hospital in Kaduna State.

The President of the Association, Malama Rabi’atu Adam Isma’il who led members of the group to the hospital said it was part of their activities to assist the needy during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Malama Rabi’atu Adam Isma’il explained that it’s part of the teaching of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to visit patients, to feed the orphans and the less privileged particularly during the blessed month of Ramadan and other times.

She further explained that her association was not funded by governments or international organizations rather source their money through contribution by their members or individuals.

Malama Rabi’atu Adam Isma’il said each of the patients received five thousand naira from the association which is not much but might buy them fruits or drugs.

She appealed to wealthy Individuals, governments and non governmental organizations to support the association so that it can do more to help humanity.

In her address, the Vice President of the association, Ruqayya Ahmad Bashir said friends and members of the association resolved to gather the little they have to support the patients who are in the hospital.

She added that they gave out the donation to the patients with sympathy and love and pray for their quick recovery.

Some of the beneficiaries Saleh Muhammad and Fatima Umar appreciated the leaders of the association for the cash donations and prayed to God to bless them and grant them paradise.

Wards visited by the association are surgical, male and female general, accident and emergency.

Khadija Kubau