• Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Speaker Advocates Upward Review Of Workers Salaries

Speaker House of Representatives Dr Abbas Tajuddeen, has advocated effective review of the nation’s rule of law to strengthen the fight against corruption at all levels.

He made the statement during a reception organised in his honour by the Nigerian High Commission in London.

Dr Abbas Tajuddeen, explained that it was high time for the law of the land to work in such a way that both the “big and small would be treated equally to give everyone a sense of justice and fairness.

He described as unfortunate where in Nigeria some people can commit crime and go scot-free depending on the size of their pockets or the people they know emphasizing that unless necessary adjustments were made the nation’s anti corruption drive can never record meaningful progress.

The Speaker however, stressed the need for an upward review of workers salary to Come up with a living wage that will take care of the basics of a person such that he won’t be looking outside his lawful income.

He expressed concern about the current situation in Nigeria where an average worker earns less than what somebody can use to buy fuel to fill his car tank and be expecting that man to be honest and transparent in his dealings.

“For us to wage a war on corruption, we need to create an enabling environment where each and every one of us will be able to operate transparently without having to steal, without having to intimidate, without having to go and beg or to borrow”

Dr Abbas, maintained that once the nation’s economy was fixed people will get employment, good salary, enough infrastructure, improved education, healthcare and all other sectors would be taken care of.

Earlier, Nigerian High Commissioner to UK, Ambassador Sarafa Tunji Isola, said the reception was organized to honour Speaker Abbas who has just emerged in a very popular election that is unprecedented.

Ambassador Safara Tunji, who lauded the achievements of Dr Abbas Tajuddeen in the previous Assemblies we wished him an impactful tenure as Speaker of the tenth Assembly.