• Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

America cuts $100m in aid to Ethiopia Over Nile Dam

Nile Dam

United States is reportedly planning to cut $ 100 million in aid to Ethiopia as a result of a dispute over construction of a dam on the Nile.

A government source said the move was related to Ethiopia’s progress in constructing the dam long before an agreement was reached with Egypt and Sudan.

Egypt has long opposed the plan, which would reduce its water supply.

Ethiopia, meanwhile, said it wants to build the dam to boost its electricity supply

Once completed, the dam will be the largest hydroelectric generator in Africa and will provide power to the country’s 65 million people.

The money the US plans to suspend has been linked to food aid, regional and border security, the source said.

Another part of the money is related to the fight against HIV / AIDS and the influx of refugees and refugees. BBC