Covid-19: Emir of Kano Commends Govt, Development Partners On Vaccination Drive

Emir Bayero Commends FG, Kano State,UNICEF and other Partners for the fight against Covid 19

The Emir of Kano Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero has Aplauded federal and Kano State Government for procuring vaccines to protect the people against COVID-19 infection.

The Emir Stated this during an interaction with the media at his palace in Kano.

He said the Covid 19 pandemic was a global crisis that impacted negatively on the economic development of the Nation, hence all necessary measures needed to be explored in ensuring that the Spread of the virus was curtailed .

Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero encouraged people of the state to take the Covid 19 Vaccines with the aim of curtailing the Spread of the virus, Stressing the need to observe Covid 19 protocols geared towards Achieving the set objectives

“I encourage all the good people of Kano State to get vaccinated as soon as possible in order to avoid further complications by the contraction of the COVID 19 virus. Even after being vaccinated, our people are enjoined to continue observing prevention measures such as correctly wearing a face mask, washing hands frequently, ensuring social distance and avoiding large gatherings except for prayers”

The Emir appealed to all families to ensure pregnant women register for ante-natal care in the nearest facility and receive iron folic and acid supplements,and should maintain visiting hospitals and ensure that they deliver at the Facility.

He Encouraged parents to make sure that the birth of all children are registered and to breastfeed for the first six months.

“Not even water or any other liquid apart from breastmilk should be given to a newborn child in the first six months of their lives. As it is enjoined in the Holy Quran, mothers are to breastfeed their babies for a period of at least two years”

” I want to encourage all parents and caregivers to take the immunization of children as a mandatory responsibility. Let’s follow the routine immunization schedule and ensure that all our children are vaccinated against childhood killer diseases”

Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero also appreciatd the efforts of the Government for bringing cholera outbreak in Kano state under control.

” Since cholera keeps re-occurring, we need to adopt a preventive approach instead of just responding. Our people always need to avoid open defecation and ensure proper personal hygiene as well as maintain a clean environment. People should drink water only from safe sources, and when in doubt boil the water properly to reduce the chances of viruses spreading through it. Our health is in our hands and we cannot afford to toy with it”

Speaking on the importance of education to societal development, the Emir explained that Education was a basic right of children, hence there was the need for collaborative efforts between Government and Stakeholders with aim of Achieving the Set objectives.

” I want to appeal to all parents and caregivers to ensure that their children enroll early in school and continue to school until they complete at least basic education at the age of 16 years”

“The education of our children, including the girl child, is very important for our own future as well as their own future. Let us ensure that all our children register in school as early as possible and stay there to complete their education. This way, we will be investing in the future peace, development, and progress of Kano State”

He charged parents and caregivers to be responsible in discharging their responsibilities towards children as assigned to them by Allah.

Bayero maintained that the number of young children begging on the streets in Kano and its environs is unacceptable as such children face serious challenges including unmet basic needs, lack of a sense of safety and substance abuse.

“We all have a duty of care and protection for children from all forms of violence including sexual abuse as we cannot expect Government alone to do everything especially when children are located within families. One day, Allah will call you to account for the people He put in your care”

Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero directed all District Heads, Traditional title holders, Village heads, ward heads, Imams, and other traditional and religious leaders under Kano Emirates to be champions in promoting health issues among others.

He commended UNICEF and other Development Partners for their support in the fight against Covid 19.

Abdullahi Jalaludeen


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