Kannywood Actress, Rahama Sadau, has debunked rumours that she’s going to jail for dressing ‘provocatively in public.

The actress was harassed on social media since sharing a photo showing her wearing an open-back dress, which led to her suspension from Kannywood, for a second time.

In a tweet Tuesday, the actress wrote: “I have received many messages that I have been arrested and sentenced to jail earlier today. I have no idea where the news emanated from. I’m therefore calling on people to stop spreading FAKE and unfounded stories. I haven’t received any police invitation or court trial. I’m reiterating this to well-wishers that I’m SAFE and FINE and I have never received any legal trial for whatever reason. To those trying to bank on this issue to create an unrest, Please give it a rest..!!!“

It’s indeed a hard time for me. This is not the right time for FAKE NEWS. Much love to those who reached out, I’m grateful. Love Rahama, she added.