NAHCON Sets Up First Medical Outpost For Borno Pilgrims In Mecca

Written by Bunmi Abdulraheem


The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has set up first medical outpost for Borno and other neighbouring states in Mecca.

Head of 2024 Borno State Medical Team, Dr Zara Mairam Lawan made this known to Radio Nigeria Correspondent Dauda Iliya in Mecca

Dr. Zara said NAHCON had approved the establishment of the clinic that would serve Borno pilgrims other neighbouring states like Yobe, Taraba and Abuja.

She remarked that in the event of an emergency, the team can make referrals to NAHCON clinic to ensure the pilgrims receive the best possible care throughout their stay.

Dr Zara also said the medical team had provided essential medical services to over 300 intending pilgrims in the two Holy cities of Madina and Mecca in the last two weeks.

The medical team, dispatched by the Borno State Government, has been working around the clock to attend to the various health needs of the state’s pilgrims since their arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dr Zara said the team had screened 1,500 out the 1,815 intending pilgrims in Maiduguri before their departure to the Holy land which was a requirement by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON).

According to her, the team have been providing a range of services including treatment of common ailments such as exhaustion, catarrh, body pains and malaria.

The Team Lead disclosed that some pilgrims were also diagnosed with chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes, adding that one of the pilgrim was admitted in Madina for heart failure and another case of sickle cell anaemia.

She however said both pilgrims are currently in Mecca responding to treatment.

“We have emergency drugs procured by the State Pilgrims Board and are given to pilgrims with minor complaints. So far we have seen more than 300 pilgrims who presented with headache, body pains and common cold” Dr Zara said.

Dr Zara Lawan said because of the harsh weather conditions in Mecca, pilgrims are advised to take a lot of water and minimise direct contact with sunlight during the Hajj rituals.

One of the pilgrims, Hajia Amina Bukar, expressed gratitude for the dedicated medical support, saying it has provided great comfort and reassurance during the physically demanding pilgrimage.

“We are very thankful to the Borno State medical team for the service. It gives us peace of mind knowing that we have access to quality healthcare whenever we need it,” Hajia Bukar said.

Our correspondent reports that some pilgrims were seen at the temporary clinic waiting to be attended to at the time of his visit.

Cov/Dauda Iliya