• Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

FG, Google To Create 1 Million Jobs

President Bola Tinubu says he will collaboration with Google’s Vice President, Richard Gingras, with the goal of creating one million digital jobs within the nation.

During a meeting at the President’s office in Abuja, President Tinubu lauded Google’s dedication to partnering with Nigeria and recognised the untapped potential of the nation’s young and innovative minds, especially in the domain of Artificial Intelligence.

Expressing his satisfaction with Google’s positive response to the call for digital innovation and youth empowerment, President Tinubu reaffirmed his commitment to working closely with the tech giant to foster a thriving digital economy and provide substantial job opportunities for the nation’s youth population.

Mr. Gingras, visiting Nigeria for the West Africa Journalism Innovation Conference, expressed admiration for the innovative spirit and talent demonstrated by young Nigerians utilising technology and digital tools to amplify access to information and promote democratic values.

Assuring President Tinubu of Google’s support, Mr. Gingras highlighted the company’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence and other cutting-edge digital innovations, all geared towards empowering young peopleand encouraging them to explore digital entrepreneurship.

Of particular significance in this partnership is Google’s subsea cable, Equiano, named after a Nigerian slave abolitionist, which landed in Nigeria in April 2022, he added, saying, the infrastructure bears the potential to significantly enhance internet connectivity demands and elevate Nigeria’s digital landscape.

Joining Mr. Gingras on his visit were Adewolu Adene, Google’s Government and Public Affairs Manager for West Africa, and Dapo Olorunyomi, the Publisher of Premium Times.

Bello Wakili