• Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Elon Musk Announces Re-branding Of Twitter Logo

Illustration shows Elon Musk photo and Twitter logo
Twitter logo and a photo of Elon Musk

Elon Musk says he was looking to change Twitter’s logo, tweeting: “And soon we shall bid adieu to the twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds”.

The social media platforms billionaire owner added “If a good enough X logo is posted tonight, we’ll make it go live worldwide tomorrow”.

Since he bought Twitter in October, the company has changed its business name to X Corp, reflecting the billionaire’s vision to create a super app like China’s WeChat.

Twitter website says its logo, depicting a blue bird “our most recognizable asset”. That why we’re so protective of it, it added.

The bird was temporarily replaced in April by Dogecoin’s Shiba Inu dog, helping drive a surge in the meme coin’s market value.

The company came under widespread criticism from users and marketing professionals when Musk announced early this month that Twitter would limit how many tweets per day various accounts can read.

The daily limits helped in the growth of Meta-owned rival service Threads, which crossed 100million sign-ups within five days of launch.

Twitter’s most recent complication was a lawsuit filed on Tuesday claiming the firm owes at least $500million in severance pay to former employees.

Since Musk acquired it, the company has laid off more than half its workforce to cut costs.