• Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Kaduna Electric has revealed that a global software upgrade will affect Standard Transfer Specification (STS) prepaid metres all over the world by November 24, 2024 to enhance efficiency that aligns with global standards.

In a statement, the company Wednesday in Kaduna says after this date, STS metres will stop accepting old credit tokens, unless the metres are being upgraded and to upgrade a metre, customers will need a Key Change Token (a special ‘reset’ token) to be loaded in their meter.

It explains that from August 1, 2023, prepaid meter customers in the company’s franchise states – Kaduna, Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara- will receive Key Change Token-KCT (i.e KCT1 & KCT2) together with the energy token when they vend at any of our offices, approved agents or via online payment channels.

According to the statement, customers are required to enter the two KCT (KCT1 & KCT2) one at a time on their meter and then the third or last token, which is the energy token to complete the upgrade. 

It therefore, notes that getting a KCT is FREE and the metre upgrade will not affect current electricity tariff.

“Customers MUST load any old or previously purchased/unused energy token as they will not be able to use the token from August 1.

“Credit unit balance on the meter will remain the same and would not be affected after the metre upgrade (i.e. loading of the KCT).

“The upgrade happens only once on a metre, subsequent energy purchases will be as usual.

“Our field officers will also visit customers’ premises to assist them and to monitor compliance. If a meter fails to load energy tokens after the KCT, kindly contact our customer care lines for further information.” the statement explains.