Reps To Compel President-elect Apoint Cabinet Within 30 Days

Written by Yusuf Zubairu

House Of Representatives is to make law that Will compel a President-elect to appoint His Cabinets within 30 days From The date he took Oath of Office.

This is sequel to a Bill sponsored by a member from Benue State Mr Kpam Jimin on the floor of the House.

Mr Kpam Jimin, explained that the legislative instrument to be debated in the house would also compel state Governors to name their cabinets within the same time specified.

He said the Bill further proposed that the President shall constitute and appoint all Boards of Government agencies and parastatals that were due for constitution and appointment within 2 months from the date of his assumption of office.

The proposed Bill also provides in its section 8(1) the establishment of Transition and Assumption of office Trust Fund for administration of the Committee into which shall be paid sums of money appropriated by the National Assembly for the purpose of transition and assumption of office in a Presidential election year.

The law however, warns that where the President fails to comply with the provisions without any justifiable reason, shall be guilty of a misconduct and impeachable offenses against as provided under section 143(2) (b) of the Constitution.