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Blackface Calls Out 2Baba For Not Sharing News of Driver’s Demise With The World

Written by fadila yunusa

Controversial Nigerian singer of defunct Plantashun Boiz group has taken to social media called out his former band mate, 2baba, for the umpteenth time. He questioned 2baba about the death of one Benny who happened to have been their driver . The singer asked for details about Benny’s family so he could reach out to them as he explained who the mysterious man was to them


In one of the series of posts on his Instagram page, Blackface told fans to help him ask 2baba why Benny died and he did not tell the world. He asked that anyone who could help with useful information to reach his family should do that.

Blackface continued that he had tried to reach 2baba and his wife to get useful information but they were not picking his calls. the singer explained who Benny was and how they got to know him. According to him, the Plantashun Boiz band first met Benny in 1999 after they tried to cash a cheque they were given after a show but did not have money for transportation. They hailed a taxi and Benny was the driver. He ended up carrying them to different locations as they tried to cash the cheque. When they were unable to do that on the first day, Benny picked them again the second day without getting paid for the previous day.

When the money was eventually gotten, Benny was paid and he became a part of their team. He later became 2baba’s personal driver. Explaining further, Blackface dragged 2baba for not telling him about Benny’s death and also accused him of not regarding people who had been there for him from the start.