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Judge Adjourns Infringement Case Instituted by Odinkalu


Jul 8, 2020 #Kaduna High Court, #News
Counsel to the Applicant, Gloria Ballason

Counsel to Kaduna State Governor in the case of fundamental Rights infringement Mrs. Aiku Thomas says there is enough facts and evidences to present in the accusations brought against the Governor by Professor Chidi Odinkalu. 

Aiku Thomas stated this after a Kaduna High Court Judge Peter Mallong adjourned hearing on the case at the Federal High Court in kaduna. 

Professor Odinkalu who is a former Chairman, National Human Rights Commission of Nigeria had filed a case on allegations that the Kaduna State Governor  initiated a secret trial at the Kaduna Magistrate Court against his person in March Twenty Nineteen. 

In a submission to the High Court, counsel to the Applicant, Gloria Ballason said the suit of  Direct Criminal Complaint, the Affidavit and the Court order earlier filed by the Governor at the Magistrate Court against professor Chidi Odinkalu all had no case numbers which she said was contrary to court proceedings. 

Gloria Ballason also informed the court that the respondents had failed to present evidence or transcript of a Television interview of which professor Odinkalu granted, that Sparked the entire court proceedings in the first instance. 

After listening to the submission by the counsel to the Applicant, the High Court Judge, Justice Peter Mallong adjourned the hearing to Twenty Third September, Twenty Twenty for the respondents to present their defense.

Shindong Bala