Twitter and social media influencers/Content creators in Nigeria have begun to receive payments from X, formerly Twitter, via its ad revenue-sharing model.

Verified users in Nigeria and worldwide, who met the criteria and the impressions threshold on their posts, received payment.

Twitter users in Nigeria display various sums received from the microblogging site, as payment began in the US in July.

At the end of July, the Company announced the program’s extension to global users.

The report says users must have been verified or subscribed to Twitter Blue to be eligible for payment, while creators must have at least five million impressions on their posts every three months.

They must have at least 500 followers and a Stripe account for payment, with a human review for Creator Monetization Standards.

Eligible users can join and set up payments from within the Monetization section of the app found on the sidebar on the iOS and Android menu on the web.

The pay-out means that many who had decided not to pay for the blue badge but continuously post content that gets good impressions will now be motivated to pay for the subscriptions, which costs N3,560 per month.