The Gubernatorial Candidate of the Labour Party Mr Jonathan Asake says he will run an all inclusive and infrastructural development economy where there will be equal distribution of state resources to parts regions of the state if elected.

Mr Jonathan Asake stated this at the Nigeria Union of Journalists Kaduna State Council’s media parley with Gubernatorial and National Assembly candidates.

He explained that leaders are only trustees of state resources and must ensure they treat their citizens fairly and justly at all time.

“I know that resources that any government has is for the people and leaders are only trustees and the people have a social contract between themselves and the leaders where the resources are applied justly,fairly and equitably”,he explained.

He argued that it is totally wrong for only a section of the state to benefit from infrastructural development while the others were neglected, a situation he said his government will correct if he emerges as winner.

Mr Jonathan Asake assured that his government will also give high priority to security as insecurity was one of the major reasons for the decadence in the society.

“security is central in our agenda and our slogan is secure kaduna and restore hope. It is our main agenda as it is so crucial to governance, because the primary purpose of governance is to secure lives and property of it’s people”,he said.

The gubernatorial candidate who said kaduna state government has not been able to deploy technology efficiently to address the problem of insecurity in the state , promised to holistically face the problem aimed at finding lasting solution.

i have seen first hand what insecurity have caused,as farm lands have been deserted and If farmers cannot go to farms then there will be food insecurity”,he noted.

Mr Jonathan Asake also said his government when given the chance to lead, will pay attention to youth and women as they are the engine room of any government.

He also lamented the sacking of teachers, traditional leaders and other workers without payment of their entitlements , assuring that the labour party in the state will redress the issues if elected in the coming election.

Cover/Teddy Daniel