Popular Nigerian actress Ireti Doyle’s daughter, Kachi’s conduct has continued to make her mother respond to call-outs from critics. The movie star’s 34-year-old daughter had been accused of fraud by numerous people who did business with her.

In a recent development, a social media user, Fisayo Soyombo, advised the actress to work with her daughter for integrity’s sake and ensure that the numerous people who paid her should get refunded.

However, Ireti Doyle did not seem to agree with the young man’s contribution to the issue. She seemed to be explaining that her daughter was free to make her own choices.

She acted like she doesn’t know where the daughter lives. Tbh. It’s her duty not only to call her out but to ensure she refunds people their monies. She should leave all these performances to tv time.” Leelian_val: “Madam leave English and drag your daughter to refund people their money.” Its_tasha_uwana: “You people should wait first, she should work with her daughter to pay those she owes, was she there when her daughter was as collecting money??? Coming from people who don’t have adult children you people have a lot of opinions… most of you don’t even obey your parents at home but are on the gram dictating how people should do their things, abi do you people want her to pay the debt ni??? What if she has reached out and the Kachi ni gree before she put out a disclaimer !!!! You all are something else.”

The veteran Nigerian actress had been forced to speak up on social media about numerous accusations on her daughter, Kachi, of being fraudulent.

Ireti took to her social media page to issue a statement where she distanced herself from her 34-year-old daughter’s business. Kachi had been dragged on social media on numerous occasions for collecting huge amounts from customers and not delivering their orders to them. In reaction to her name being soiled, the popular actress noted in her statement that she is in no way connected to her daughter’s business, Kachi Beauty Products.