Adesuwa Etomi Wellington, pics cullec from wikipedia

Nigerian celebrities have taken to Instagram to share their experiences of misogyny and discrimination under the banner #NobodyLikeWoman.

The challenge – started by Nigerian singer Simi – has led to countless women sharing hurtful comments people have made to them regarding marriage, their career and appearance.

Nollywood celebrity Adesua Etomi-Wellington shared a post which read: “Is she pregnant yet?”

Actress and model Efe Irele posted a picture which shared a negative career experience: “We are filming all night. Not like you have husband and children waiting.”

Simi. pics culled from wikipedia

The hashtag has also gained traction beyond the celebrity world, with regular people opening up about discrimination towards women in Nigeria.

One woman – Lateefah Jim – wrote on Instagram: “I saw this challenge and it pricked some emotions. It is always the woman. Single (nobody wants her), divorced (can’t keep a man), childless (barren) or even widowed (she get bad luck) #nobodylikewoman.”