Instagram is testing a new feature that will alert users when the service is having major technical difficulties.

The alert will appear as a notification in users’ Activity Feed when “people are confused and looking for answers.

This feature comes only days after the social media giant’s services were disrupted by two outages.

Instagram in a blog post, said the test will run in the United States and will go on for a few months,

It’s easy to imagine similar features being introduced for Facebook’s most essential service, WhatsApp; a messaging app that, for many, constitutes their primary mode of digital communication.

Instagram will also introduce “Account Status” which will notify users if their content is reported as inappropriate.

it is easier for people to know whether their account is at risk of being disabled.

“In the coming months, we plan to add more information to this tool, giving people a better sense of how their content is being distributed and recommended across different parts of Instagram.”

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram experienced a six hour long outage on October 4th that left some three billion online users frustrated and unable to connect all over the world.