Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria-REDAN has synergized with Building material producers to achieve an inclusive Rural Urban Housing initiative in the country

The President of the Association Alhaji Aliyu Oroji Wamako stated this during their Annual General meeting in Kaduna.

Alhaji Aliyu Oroji explained that the Association’s target of building one hundred Housing units each, in all the seven hundred and seventy four local government areas was part of efforts to drastically reduce the existing housing deficit which stood at over twenty million.

He said REDAN through its Rural Urban Housing Initiative pet project had been able to secure Two Hundred Billion Naira from the Federal Government and an additional two hundred and fifty Billion Naira loan from a housing financier in an attempt to help those at the grassroots with affordable housing.

According to the president, Kaduna is the first to get approval to build a one thousand housing units that is expected to commence soon.

He urged zonal and State chapters of the Association to create awareness and opportunities for grassroots mobilization to create employment and build cohesive growth.

Radio Nigeria reports that During the Annual General meeting Governor Elrufai was given an award for the numerous developmental achievements in the state.

Participants in the security sector attended the meeting, with stakeholders from relevant agencies and key players in the building sector also Grace the occasion.

Cov/Teddy Daniel, Kaduna