An Indian humanitarian NGO, Hands4help was awarded the African Icon Award 2021 at the Institute for Commerce Research and Enterprises Development of Nigeria.

The Annual International Conference held in Abuja.

The Award was received by Dr. Mahboob Sadal Khan from the Mewat region of Rajastan, India,
on behalf of Hands4help Hands4help.

Hands 4 Help Foundation is recognized for its humanitarian groundbreaking activities and innovative approach to addressing the many needs and opportunities surrounding access to good education,.

Others are quality healthcare services, social welfare and justice of the underprivileged communities especially in Africa and many other countries across the globe.

ICRED is a government approved and the largest professional commerce research hub in Africa and is offering this Award annually to recognize and celebrate individuals and corporate organizations with top records of most impactful and change driven activities on social and humanitarian causes.

“We are honored to be recognized by ICRED,” Dr. M. S. Khan said.

“We are using this platform to express our deep hearted gratitude to the institute for Commerce Research and Enterprises development Nigeria for recognizing and rewarding our efforts in the field of humanity and social ventures in Africa.

He said at Hands4help, we believe that it’s not for ourselves alone, we are born to restore the hope of the hopeless and put a smile on every face thereby creating a permanent and positive impacts in the lives of many.

Dr. Mahboob Khan explained that they couldn’t do any of this without the CSR department of their Nigerian Partner Company, Gadawur Global Investment Limited and P&Q Medics Nigeria Ltd.

He said the honour is not a credit to Hands4help alone but a common achievement for the Hands4help and its global partners.

The ICRED Registrer
Dr. Ahmed Lateef Taiwo, said, “the impressive and ongoing work of Hands4help led by Dr. Mahboob Sadal Khan made it easy for the NGO to be selected for the award.

“Part of the findings which attracted the selection committee after accessing references and profile of the NGO was the tremendous and impactful opportunities created by Hands4help to enable the poor and marginalized societies in africa free and unhindered access to quality healthcare and education and social infrastructure.”

“Five other African philanthropic organizations were also honored during the annual awards night.

” This honor recognizes industry change Ambassadors and impactful contributors to humanity and social justice globally.

The Indian High Commissioner also congratulated Mr Khan and his organisation Hands4help on this great achievement and urged that the NGO continues to hold on to it work ethics and keep making India proud.

In an interview with the Chairman Gadawur Global Investment Limited Alhaji Suleiman Adamu explained that the Hands4Help provided free accomodations to those visiting India for medical visa.

He further explained that the Gadawur Global Investment Limited
had partner Hands4Help and proposed the establishment of one hundred bedding hospital in Kaduna State.

Alhaji Suleiman Adamu said the proposed hospital will addressed most of the challenges faced in medical tourism in Nigeria.

Cov/Adamu Yusuf