Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw in a recent Instagram video has called out online trolls who have made it a habit to monitor how celebrities chose to mourn the death of a loved one or colleague.

Veteran Actress Racheal Oniga Died of Health-Related Issues, not COVID— Family

According to Henshaw, the behaviour is completely reprehensible which is why she chose to address it rather than turn a blind eye. This was followed by the actress making a reference to the demise of veteran film star Rachel Oniga

Henshaw noted that people only woke up to receive the terrible news. The actress explained how she had shown up at a cancer awareness programme for women and only got to hear of the heart-breaking news when she walked into the venue. She went on to call out those she described as ‘mobile mourners police’ who are trolling people’s pages and asking them why they have not dedicated any post to the late thespian.

Henshaw strongly called on such people to desist from such a line of action. According to her, people do not process bad news the same way and not everyone is also prone to public display of affection. The Nollywood star went on to add that anyone who comes to her page with such behaviour is going to get blocked. Concluding the post, she prayed the late Oniga to rest in peace while urging people to pay more attention to their healths.