One of UNICEF facilitator, Rahmatu Aliyu


Media practitioners have been urged to always observe credibility in their daily reportage as well as shun the monopoly of social media and issues of breaking news which to a certain level has crippled the credibility of information dissemination.

The Director General of Abubakar Rimi Television and Chairperson of the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria, Hajiya Sa’a Ibrahim stated this during a partnership and network strengthening meeting organised by the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF in collaboration with Abubakar Rimi Television Kano.

According to her, the meeting was aimed at fostering more engagement with the media as gatekeeper and a major driver of social development in every society.

The Director General maintained that all journalist in the field must try as much as possible to combat the spread of fake news and do anything possible to promote peace and stamp a foot as a credible source.

“Until you, as a journalist draw a line and exercise credibility in your stories then you are different as a professional from the social media self acclaimed journalists who disseminate unverified information” she said.

Also speaking at the meeting, the Chief of Field Office, UNICEF office Kano, Maulid Warfa, who delivered a goodwill message express dismay over the rising rate of maternal mortality, malnutrition, issues in child bearing, practice of unhygienic lifestyle among children, nursing and pregnant women which in most cases result to the worrying state of survival among children.

Warfa called for more advocacy from the media to achieve the desired objectives and ensuring the protection of children against all forms of expolitation.

“The media has a lot to offer in the development of every community. So, I urged all journalists present to use the power of the media to change the narrative so that the children are not left behind” he said.

He further express UNICEF’s readiness to help in taking every initiative from the media in combating issues around or related to the wellbeing of children.

Several issues raised from presentations by UNICEF’s programme Managers and Specialists were intensively digested and discussed with the participants in an interactive session.

Some of the Participants

Farida Umar Abdu, who is the focal person for ARTV/UNICEF and the Chief organiser of the meeting, Samuel Kaalu expressed optimism that the involvement of Journalists in combating issues around children in the state will go a long way in clamouring the issues contained.

The United Nation Children Fund, UNICEF, is a member of the United Nations General Assembly set up in December, 1946 to cater for children of Europe affected by World War II formally known as United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.

UNICEF operates in 190 countries in the world mandated to advocate for the protection of Children’s right, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potentials

The interactive session witnessed over 40 journalists from both print, broadcast and online media who brain stormed on the way forward for the Nigerian child.