Ransomware red button on keyboard, 3D rendering

National Information Development Agency, NITDA has called for caution over a file-encrypting ransomware, IGVM, which restricts access to data.

The Director Public Affairs, Hajia Hadiza Umar said in a statement that the virus encrypts files with the “igvm” extension, limiting or completely blocking access to documents, images and videos.

The statement says users of the ware are extorting money from victims by requesting for “ransom”, in the form of Bitcoin cryptocurrency in exchange for access to data.

It adds that the crypto-virus spreads like web injectors, pirated software, spam emails, malicious software bundles, fake software updates, and deceiving online ads.

The statement urged the public to ensure regular data backup and recovery plan for critical information while using application whitelisting to help prevent malicious software and unapproved programmes.