Commissioner for Local government and Chieftency Affair, Alhaji Jafaru Sani during the news briefing

From Aminu Dalhatu (Kaduna)

Kaduna State government says it will not allow planned strike by the Nigerian Labour Congress-NLC to cripple socio cconomic development of the state in the name of Industrial action.

The State Commissioner for Local government and Chieftency Affair, Alhaji Jafaru Sani stated this at news briefing in Kaduna.

Alhaji Jafaru Sani revealed that, the state government would not be blackmail by the criminal plans to attack and shutdown power Transmission station, Hospitals, government offices, water, works and street lights.

He explained that, Kaduna State Government has notified security agencies about the planned strike action of the NLC and necessary steps would be taken to thwart the violent intent of the organisers.

According to him, some trade unionists plan to recruit hoodlums, including from other states, to destroy facilities and create mayhem while maintaining that, some trade Unions have assured the state government that, they would not be part of the plans sabotage of social and economic life.

Alhaji Jafaru also said, the ban on public procession across the state was still enforced while government would not allow people to violate Covid 19 protocol.

‘’This was imposed precisely because of the violence that has frequently broken out from such processions even when they began with innocent intent,’’ he added.

Alhaji Jafaru Sani also vowed that, the state government would protect its facilities and the right of its staff to access and work in their offices, stressing that, it is unlawful for anyone to deny them access or exit.

He said Government offices are not the property of any trade unionist and none of them should entertain thoughts of locking up or vandalizing any facility.

“The commissioner recalled that some trade unionists, led by Ayuba Wabba, unleashed mayhem ‘’on Kaduna during their rampage of November 8, 2017.’’

‘’ That day, in one of the most shameful displays of irresponsibility, they thrashed the premises of the Kaduna State House of Assembly as part of their futile attempt to force the government to retain 21,780 teachers who did not pass a Primary 4 competency test.

While Justifying the planned rightsizing of workers, the commissioner argued that Kaduna state pays salaries to its workers and also invested to develop the state as every fair-minded person can see.

The commissioner reiterated that government was not elected to devote most public funds to paying government workers, argued that, the government would not continue ‘spending 84% to 96% of its FAAC receipts on salaries and personnel costs as has been the experience of the state since October 2020.