An IT expert has warned of fake WhatsApp Pink in circulation as a malicious app that could steal your data once installed and allow hackers to gain access to your phone.

A message has been sent to some users that contains a link and pretends to provide the existing WhatsApp experience in a pink colour and bring new features.

However, instead of bringing any changes to the original WhatsApp installation, the link leads to a page with an option to download the malicious WhatsApp Pink app on their phones. The app notably neither has no relation with WhatsApp nor with Facebook.

Cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia has posted a tweet to inform about the circulation of WhatsApp Pink. He has also provided a couple of screenshots showing how the malicious app imitates the interface of WhatsApp to prey users.

“Once installed, the fake WhatsApp app starts circulating a message that contains the link for its downloading. The aim of the hacker appears to collect user data of as many users as possible,”

The bad actors circulating the message about WhatsApp Pink appear to have used different links. But nonetheless, users are recommended to not open any such links that are claimed to bring any new look or features to WhatsApp.

This isn’t the first time when a fake WhatsApp version has been in circulation. In the past, users were attacked by a WhatsApp Gold variant that was also created by some hackers to maliciously gain user data.