The month of Ramadan is a period where Muslims are obliged to fast from dawn to sunset.

what people eat while breaking their fast is very important to there health.

fasting is primarily an exercise of devotion to willingly renounce oneself, for a definite period of time, from all bodily appetites in order to form spiritual discipline and self control. Muslims are prohibited from eating or drinking from dawn till dusk

Radio Nigeria sampled opinions of some people residing in kano, on the types of food they consume

Some said due to the heat they drink cold water immediately after the call for magrib, while others pointed out that they eat dates and fruits followed by water and food.

“I usually start by eating dates followed by water and kunun gyada( groundnut gruel) then i eat whatever is available”

” I don’t think of anything after the adhan than to rush and drink a lot of water due to the heat,i also eat lots of watermelon and heavy food”

Dr. Yusuf Salisu Kura is a dietician working in kano, he explained the types of food one should take after iftar, with the aim of boosting body immunity and maintaining good health.

” The first thing you are required to break your fast with is fresh or dry dates because it will give you the required energy. In the absence of dates you can take at least one or two types of fresh fruits due to their nutritional value”

He maintained that, taking cold or chilled water immediately after iftar was injurious to health, saying that eating fried, fatty or oily foods can also lead to complications during fasting”

Dr. Yusuf advised the general public to minimize sugar intake and avoid too much exposure to the sun during fasting.