Kano State Coordinato, National Human Rights Commission

From Khadijah Aliyu

The National Human Rights Commission in Kano State says it has received 276 complaints ranging from sexual and gender based violence to marital conflicts and neglect of parental responsiblilities from January to March, 2021.

The State Coordinator of Commission, Shehu Abdullahi stated this during an interview with Radio Nigeria’s correspondent in Kano.

He explained that out of the total cases received by the Commission within the period under review, sexual and gender based violence constituted the highest percentage.

Shehu Abdullahi disclosed that the prevalent rate of domestic violence is on the rise in kano as well as divorce .

” Issue of parental responsibilities which has been neglected by the head of the family is also another issue of concern, children are being left without going to school and other issues pertaining to feeding and their rights to medical care when they are sick”

The Coordinator stated that the Commission had secured convictions and judgments on cases of rape, divorce, parental neglect and domestic violence.

” Apart from going to court,the main essence of establishing the national human rights commission is to reduce the burden of courts by devising the issue of alternative dispute resolution, whereby parties will be invited and mediated upon a complaint and profer solutions to such issues”

He reaffirmed the agency’s commitment in working tirelessly to ensure peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding between the general public to achieve the desired objectives.