Nigerian Meteorological Agency, NIMET, has warned farmers in Nassarawa, Niger, Benue, Abuja and Kaduna states not to begin planting.

This is because the recent onset of rainfall in the states was a false one and planting could hamper yields and profit.

Director-General of NIMET, Professor Mansur Bako who stated this at a press briefing in Abuja to mark World Meteorological Day, said hasty planting would not be a wise move as the rains were yet to be established.

He said NIMET’s Seasonal Rainfall Prediction for this year indicates that the rain would commence In states within the North Central Zones in late April to mid-May while the other Northern States would have theirs in Late May to June.

The rains in the South-South zone  commenced with the prediction date of 1st to 20th March while that of the South West and South-East has been established by the predicted dates of 13th March to 25th April.

Professor Bako who spoke on the theme of this year’s WMD celebration, “the Ocean, our Climate, and Weather” explained that the Ocean was a significant factor in global climate and weather and as such needed to be accorded priority in research studies.

He also warned of rising water level across the world ocean particularly the one along the Coastal belt of Nigeria which could cause coastal erosions, storm surges and stronger ocean waves.

To mitigate this, professor Bako advised for more investment in Meteorological and hydrological services.