From Abdullahi Jalalluddeen, Kano

A Non Governmetal Organization NGO-Action Against Hunger has appealed to Kano state government to come up with a law for implementation of social protection programme.

The (NGO) made the appeal at a Media Round Table Discussion on Child Development Grant Programme (CDGP), in kano.

The project was founded in 2014 as part of NGO’s committment to engage governments in Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa and Zamfara states to implement social protection programme.

Speaking during the Roundtable meeting, the Project Manager of the NGO, Stella Esedunme said the meeting was organised in order to call the attention of Kano state government to implement social protection policy.

According to her, the call was timely in view of the poverty level of the state despite several social investment programmes, noting that the policy would reduce the poverty rate.

“Social protection is the right of a citizen. Therefore governments should make it a law to ensure that citizens, especially vulnerable are enjoying social protection.

“It also does not necessarily mean to be giving money to people but to strengthen the system that would fight poverty and uplift the life of the public,” she said.

” With social protection programme, even this security challenges would not have been happening. So, we call on governments of these four states to rise up to this challenge and make laws on social protection,” she appealed.

The Programme Manager therefore tasked media practitioners to be up and doing to enlighten the government and the public on the importance of social protection programme.

The Roundtable meeting was attended by working journalist from different media outfits in Kano