Cov/ Daniel Karlmax, Kaduna

Nigeria Correctional Service Kaduna has called on the public to support Borstal Training Institutions BTI across the country towards building the mindset of teenagers to enable them become useful members of the Society.

Commandant ACGC Peter Pevigo (Middle)

The Commandant Nigeria Correctional Staff College, Assistant Controller General Correction ACGC Peter Pevigo made the call during the official launched of the 2021 Borstal calendar at the institute in Kaduna State- Nigeria.

Mr.Peter Pevigo explained that, the Institute which was one arm of the Nigerian correctional service is saddled with the responsibility of remolding, rehabilitating and re entergrating young offenders within the ages of 16-23 into the society.

According to him, the institute trained and re trained juveniles who have committed different offences and are said to have gone beyond parental care.

He said a lot of reformatory programmes which include vocational studies ranging from tailoring, carpentry, painting, building, photography, as well as academics and psycho- Social support had been designed to help offenders become good citizens and contribute meaningfully to the development of the country.

Describing the institution as a juvenile home, Mr. Pevigo stated that the Correctional service should be rank second after NNPC due to its immensed contributions to the growth of the nation’s economy.

”The NNPC uses one formula to process it’s crude to a desired result of various consumable and export items, while NCS uses criminals within her disposal to give the nation the workforce it deserves to make the country great”, he said

Principal of the institute, Dr. Rosemary Uche Ogabu. Photo: Karlmax

Speeking, The Principal of the institute Dr. Rosemary Uche Ogabu who said the event was aim at drawing the attention of the public on the existence of the Institute, appealed to the relevant authorities to provide them with modern vocational equipments, standardized library as well as ICT for the computer study unit of the school.

She said BTI had 220 students currently undergoing Training in both academic and vocational skills, while stressing the need for parents, Organizations and well spirited individuals to come to the aid of BTI to deliver effectively on its mandate of Reformation for sustainable development of the country.

Some of the participants

The event featured a display of intelligence and drama presentation by students of the school and attended by people from different walks of life.