From Dauda Iliya

Borno state Commissioner for Sports and Youths Empowerment, Alhaji Sayina Buba

Borno state government says it expends about 75 million naira monthly on the empowerment of youths and persons with disabilities in the state.

Commissioner for Sports and Youths Employment Alhaji Sayina Buba made this known at a media briefing in Maiduguri.

The Commissioner remarked that 2,877 youths have been placed on a monthly allowance of 15,000 naira to dissuade them from engaging in political thuggery, while 1,812 persons with disabilities including blind and the deaf also benefit from same gesture.

He explained that due to paucity of fund, the state government had to slash down the monthly stipends from 30,000 to 15,000 naira, adding that the state government is committed to improving the welfare of vulnerable people.

On concerns raised by persons with disabilities, Alhaji Sayina Buba said more that 4,000 disabled have been registered but only about one-third are benefiting, assuring that government is exploring other opportunities to support them.

He decried that Borno state is witnessing influx of blind people from neighbouring states due the empowerment program initiated, stressing that only eligible ones would benefit.