Tessica Brown went viral after she shared a clip in which she asked for help to get glue removed from her hair – In the clip, the young American lady explained that she had run out of hair spray and made the terrible decision to use Gorilla Glue spray


This is because while her edges were pretty laid, the glue refused to go off, no matter what Tessica tried. Soon, the whole world was glued to their screens as they waited eagerly to find out what would happen to “Gorilla glue girl” and her head.

Tessica aka Glue Girl

Finally, Tessica went to hospital and surgically got the glue removed from her hair. In a short clip that was shared online, Tessica could be seen first laying on the surgery bed and then getting up after the procedure and examining the doctor’s work. There is finally light at the end of the tunnel for Tessica Brown aka Gorilla glue girl.

Dr Obeng

The procedure was performed by Dr Obeng a Ghanaian doctor based in Los Angeles who offered to perform a $12,500 (N4,765,000) surgery absolutely free of charge.