Former South Africa President Jacob Zuma has applied for Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo to recuse himself as the head of a commission investigating corruption during his tenure.

The commission of inquiry was established to investigate the “state capture” scandal during Mr Zuma’s rule as president.

The former president, who first testified before the commission last year and was due to return to give further evidence, has previously said that the inquiry is biased against him that the investigation was politically motivated.

One of the major scandal involves allegations that the wealthy Gupta family, who are close friends of the former president, used their relationship to be unfairly awarded government contracts worth millions and were able to influence political decisions.

The former president and the Gupta family deny any wrongdoing.

Head of the commission of inquiry Mr Raymond Zondo at some stage suggested that the former president would summoned when he announced that he would no longer willingly present himself.

Accusations of graft dogged Mr Zuma’s presidency before he was forced to step down in February 2018.