The Chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association -NMA in Kwara state, Professor Baba Issa has expressed worry over the dearth of psychiatrists in the country.

Issa lamented that in Nigeria there are only about 350 psychiatrists to serve the about 200 million population.

The NMA chairman who spoke on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day 2020, noted that ” in Kwara state there are about 12 psychiatrists, with all practicing in the state capital, Ilorin.”

He, however, pointed out that , the government is working hard to upgrade the health facilities, recruit more health workers and enhance the health system.

Professor Issa urged the state government to focus more on mental health as it is doing to physical health.

He maintained that Mental health is a leading cause of disabilities and death due to suicide globally.

“This year’s theme, “Mental Health for All: Greater Investment, Greater Access” is to call government, non governmental organisations and individuals to pay more attention to mental health by investing more to make mental health care accessible to all.