Minister for Communication and Digital Economy , Dr. Isa Ali Pantami says mentoring of youths is the best way to make them better future leaders.

Minister for Communication and Digital Economy , Dr. Isa Ali Pantami

The Minister stated this while speaking  with newsmen shortly after mentoring the third cohort of the Sir Kashim Ibrahim Fellows held at government house Kaduna.

The Minister, Governor Nasiru Elrufai and cohort of the Sir Kashim Ibrahim Fellows

Dr. Isa Pantami commended Governor Nasiru Elrufai for initiating Kashim Fellows program.

” I was amazed with the process to come up with the participants, is really really encouraging, particularly is base on merit”

He noted that, such initiatives  will go a long way in addressing many challenges the country is experiencing.

Dr. Pantami further stated that, the program will bridge the gap between potential leaders and their mentors, stressing that, it would give avenue for experiences to be shared amongst them. 

“They are not just being briefed or given presentations but also given the opportunity to work and learn in public offices where they can interact with people and get experienced”.

” I appreciated Governor El-Rufai’s cosmopolitan nature of giving every Nigerian an opportunity to participate in capacity building across all parastatal, management, department and agencies of the State to contribute their quota”

Dr Pantami called on other State Governors to replicate such program in their states so as to give the potential leaders a sense of belonging.

In a remark, Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasiru El-Rufai said sixteen young Nigerians where  selected from Various states, for the third cohort of the Fellowship and to be trained on leadership skills to enable them hold responsibilities in all facets of life.

Malam Nasiru Elrufai Elrufai  rated Dr. Pantami among the best  performing minister in the present Administration.

“If you are going to list two or three Ministers in the current administration that can be said are performing I think he will be at the top of the list or among the top three”

Governor El-Rufai also described Dr. Ali Pantani  as a man of many talents not only PHD in his area of expertise which is Information and Communication Technology  but also a respected Islamic cleric.

“He has taken a ministry that is a little bit sleepy and injected energy and life to it and upgraded it to the 21st century” .

According to him, he  has the vision to put Nigeria on the part of growth in the 21st century, even before the pandemic he has this vision of ensuring that every part of our life’s is base on a digital environment.