Joe Biden

former US vice-president, Joe Biden has won nine of the 14 states that voted to pick a Democratic White House candidate on Super Tuesday, a remarkable rebound for his campaign.

 Joe Biden, overturned predictions to narrowly take the key state of Texas from his main challenger, Bernie Sanders.

 Mr. Sanders, was early  projected to win California – the biggest prize of the night – as well as three other states.

They lead the race to face Republican President Donald Trump in November.

Former New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg spent more than half a billion dollars of his own money on his campaign, but did not win a single state.

And Senator Elizabeth Warren, once the frontrunner in the race, suffered a humiliating defeat to Mr. Biden in her home state of Massachusetts. Super Tuesday awards more than 1,300 of the 1,991 delegates needed to clinch the Democratic White House nomination in July. As things stand, Mr Biden has 402 delegates and Mr. Sanders 314 .