Envoy Ngelale Confirms Climate Action Collaborations, New Cooking Stove Plant 

Written by Yusuf Zubairu


The Special Presidential Envoy on Climate Change, Ajuri Ngelale has announced a major developments in clean cooking and climate action collaboration.

In a significant move towards advancing Nigeria’s climate action and green industrial development, Ajuri Ngelale,  reported a series of high-level meetings with key international partners.

Ajuri Ngelale confirmed that, following an initial discussion with BURN Manufacturing a few weeks ago, the company’s Global CEO, Mr. Peter Scott, visited him on Tuesday.

During the visit, Scott detailed plans to construct a full end-to-end cooking stove manufacturing facility in Ogun State.

This new facility will upgrade BURN Manufacturing’s current assembly-only plant in Kano State.

Ngelale emphasized the national focus on clean cooking, highlighting its dual role as an economic opportunity and a critical component of the just transition towards sustainability.

He assured that companies engaged in such initiatives would receive support through clean-finance incentives aimed at empowering Nigerians to create sustainable solutions for the future.

Earlier in the day, Ngelale welcomed the Brazilian Head of Embassy, H.E. Joao Soares, to the State House.

They exchanged views on current and future opportunities within the climate action and green industrial sectors.

The discussions underscored the importance of deepening industrial collaboration between Nigeria and Brazil, both of which are the most populous nations in Africa and South America, respectively.

This partnership is seen as crucial for advancing climate justice and generating new economic opportunities for their rapidly growing populations.

These meetings reflect Nigeria’s proactive approach in forging international alliances and driving domestic initiatives to combat climate change and foster sustainable development.

Bello Wakili