Presidential Envoy Ajuri Ngelale Holds Talks to Boost Nigeria’s Economy, Environment

Written by Yusuf Zubairu

The Special Presidential Envoy on Climate Action, Ajuri Ngelale has on Monday held a series of crucial meetings to enhance Nigeria’s economic and environmental strategies.

Mr Ajuri Ngelale commenced with discussions featuring Mr. Chido Munyati, Head of Africa at the World Economic Forum, and Ms. Abir Ibrahim, Africa’s Regional Agenda Lead.

The focus was on enhancing Nigeria’s value chain localization initiative.

According to him, the meetings aim to establish connections between Nigeria’s private and public sectors and their counterparts in developed markets, with the objective of fostering new industries and localized supply chains.

Similarly, Mr. Ngelale met with Mr. Hakeem Jimo, Country Director of ProVeg International, to explore opportunities for transforming Nigeria’s food systems.

They discussed how sustainable agricultural practices could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease dependence on imported meats, promoting local economic growth and environmental conservation.

Mr. Ajuri Ngelale wrapped up the day with a strategic session with Mr. Khalil Halilu, CEO of NASENI, focusing on localizing renewable energy technology value chains in Nigeria.

Reflecting President Bola Tinubu’s collaborative governance style, the discussions aimed to speed up national goals in renewable energy adoption to benefit all Nigerians.

The Special Presidential Envoy on Climate Action, expressed optimism about the outcomes of these meetings, underscoring their potential to drive sustainable development and economic resilience in Nigeria.

Bello Wakili